Alex Lai
Alex LaiPresident & Founder
Alex has over 15 years of experience in working with Governmental IT projects, and over 30 years in working with IT projects. He is the visionary and driving force behind the success of Potent. Alex loves the fast paced environment of the IT industry and is always excited for new challenges.

Potent has managed over 24 successful Governmental IT projects

With an excellent track record in successful projects, put your trust in us today. We'd be happy to speak to you about your new project!

Our Valuable Team Members

Cliff Kong
Cliff KongBusiness Consultant
Cliff is a seasoned consultant over 30 years experience in business process reengineering, strategic planning, performance excellence model, resources management, customer services upgrading, project management, benchmarking, human resources management and development. 

Alan Tam
Alan TamIT Consultant
Alan has over 21 years of IT experience. With his 10 years with Oracle Corporation, California, USA and  his 5 years in the internet and mobile services industry, he has applied his expertise in providing IT infrastructure design solutions and technical recommendations for Government projects in feasibility studies, technical studies and implementation.

Tak Li
Tak LiIT Consultant
Tak is an IT veteran of over 30 years with extensive international experience in capital markets, bank cards and retail data warehouses in the roles of project management, software architecture, database design, development and management.

Eddie Ling
Eddie LingApplication Architect
Eddie has over 18 years of IT experience, with proficiency in analyzing user requirements, conducting the current environment and impact analysis, evaluating various business system options, formulating implementation strategy, performing system sizing and, calculating costs and benefits for various Government departments.

Tony Liu
Tony LiuData Analyst
Tony has over 16 years of IT experience, with solid background in technical study on corporate data model and data architecture study for 2 Government departments.

Byron Lee
Byron LeeSystem Analyst
Byron has over 18 years of IT experience, with intensive exposure on Business Process Re-engineering, feasibility and data architecture studies for the Government departments.